ERP Integrations

ERP Integrations

Vermont Heritage Distributors ERP Integrations Improves Productivity & Help To Simplify Your Business Processes.

Rating Call Integration
Web Service Call From ERP Or WMS To Ascent Rating Engine
Custom Results Returned (Low-Cost Carrier, Fastest Transit Carrier, All Carrier Options)

BOL Retrieval Integration
Web Service Call To Ascent TMS With Carrier Selection And Order Details
Return Call From Ascent TMS With BOL Details And Document

Status Update Integration
All Carrier Updates On Active Loads Transmit From Ascent TMS To ERP Or WMS

Custom Integrations
Availability To Create Specific Integrations Unique To Your Business Needs

The Benefits

  • Gain Complete Visibility And Improve Freight Accrual And Financial Reporting
  • Sales, Orders, Freight And Costs Fully Loaded In One Reporting System – Your System
  • Improves Productivity And Simplifies The Process By Using Only One System –Your System

Business Intelligence l KPI Dashboards l Management Reporting l Customer Support

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